Bodywork Session

By appointment • 60 MINUTES •  $125 

By combining Ayurvedic Thai Yoga massage, marma points and chakra balancing techniques, I help remove any and all physical and energetic blockages that are occurring in the body. The session is individually tailored to your specific needs and are designed to leave you feeling restored, renewed and rejuvenated.


Restorative Yoga


Restorative yoga is a form of yoga that seeks to achieve physical, mental and emotional relaxation with the aid of props. The use of props makes it easier for you to maintain balance while you are stimulating and relaxing your body. Allow yourself to be completely supported as I guide you through a custom sequence that is crafted to address your individual needs.

Yoga Nidra Meditation


Yoga nidra is often referred to as "yogic sleep," a paradoxical state of being between sleep and consciousness that's conducive to deep emotional and physical healing, rewiring your brain, and self-exploration. 

As a culture, we're always connected, often stressed, and our nervous systems are constantly in a fight-or-flight, sympathetic state. Yoga nidra is an effective and efficient way to access the "rest and digest" parasympathetic state, which is where healing happens.